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What to bring with you
Is necessary to protect themselves with sunscreen with high protection (protection factor of at least 30). We also recommend light and informal clothing.

Passport valid for more than 6 months.

Time zone
-4 Hours 30 compared to England
-5 Hours and 30 when DST

The voltage is 110 volts, made with American-style (flat leaf).
Will therefore need an adapter.

The local currency is the bolivares. The official rate is 4.3 bolivares to the dollar (official exchange rate variable).
The Posada does not accept credit cards.

Entry procedures
Park entrance fee 180.00 bolivares.

The internal flight
35 minutes to reach LosRoques by plane from Caracas.
On companies engaged in the domestic flight, the weight per passenger is allowed one bag of 10 kg. Over this weight will pay $ 2 per kg excess.
Heavy suitcase are not recommended.

The first expenses to be faced on arrival
Before embarking on LosRoques have to pay the airport tax of approximately 30.00 bolivares per person. Upon arrival in Los Roques you will have to pay the entrance to the park, 180.00 bolivares per person.

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